Music and My Bottom Line

Music Bottom Line by Mackenzie Brown

We live in a world that is over saturated with art and music, I start to question my successes and my potential success. How do I release my new album into the world where “everyone and their dog” has released an album?
It’s so easy these days to record something at home and have it out there the next day. I admit I have quietly said to myself

“You can’t do this. No one is going to listen. No one is going to buy your album. How are you going to turn a profit on it? Will I be able to make back all the money that was spent creating this album?”

I am quickly reminded in that moment that I begin to sing that these fears are not mine! I have grown up in a society where the bottom line is the bottom line. Where profit and money rule all. Money is our goal, money is a sign of our success, money makes the world go around.

What if there was something more valuable than money?

What if we allowed love to be the deciding factor and love was our main goal?

What if our bottom line was our ability to do what we love and feel completely fulfilled?

That’s the world I’m trying to live in. That’s the world I create my music in. The one that’s out of pure love for the craft. It doesn’t matter how saturated the market is, it doesn’t matter that anyone and everyone can record an album and share it with the world,  it doesn’t matter if I make $1 or a $1 million, or the fact that I may never be famous. These things don’t matter to me!

What matters is that I keep creating. What matters is that WE keep creating, keep expressing and keep sharing our art, for reasons other than the bottom line.

Maybe no one will hear my music and maybe those who do won’t like it, but I’m still going to do it. Because I love it with my entire being. And that’s my bottom line.

~ Mackenzie Brown